MCL’s mission is to contribute to the broadening of our knowledge in the mechanics at micro and nanoscales through excellence in learning and research. Founded by Dr. B. E. Alaca in 2004, MCL continues conducting interdisciplinary research in mechanics, materials and biology. Research and development efforts are geared towards mechanical property measurement at micro and nanoscale including the development of accompanying testing devices with specific actuation and readout components, molecular diagnostics and nano-bio interfaces. Current focus is placed on batch-compatible fabrication of Si nanowires and development of integration philosophies with MEMS; nanowire resonators; resonant microcantilever-based sensors and characterization of the scale-dependence of mechanical properties.

The following is a list of available tools and equipment:

01- optical microscope,
02- laser displacement sensor,
03- heat treatment tools (furnace, glovebox, environmental chamber),
04- bulge tester,
05- pressure transducers and miniature load cells,
06- fume hoods,
07- probe station,
08- network analyzer,
09- semiconductor parameter analyzer,
10- various electromechanical design and simulation software.


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